Be Open

This image sums up my goals for 2017. I don't want to meet my goals, I want to blow them out of the water. So, the first step of that is to acknowledge them publicly so I am accountable. Get to a healthy weight I haven't been at a healthy weight since high school. I've... Continue Reading →


Dealing with Toxic Family

I love the holidays. I'm overly obsessed with Thanksgiving, Christmas lights, and fuzzy socks. I also love hot chocolate, and it's much easier to drink during the holidays since it's usually colder outside. One of my favorite things about the holidays is spending time with family however, there are times where it's also one of my... Continue Reading →

Locker Room Talk

There's a common excuse not to vote each election. "One vote doesn't change anything." "One vote doesn't matter." The odd thing about this excuse is that we say the opposite in nearly any other situation. The President, who is just one vote, matters. The blessing is that they matter equally. Let's talk about a few scenarios... Continue Reading →

Myths About Your Twenties

It's time to debunk a few things about being in your twenties. Yes, it's awesome. Yes, you change a lot. Yes, you meet a ton of people who come and go. The one thing you don't do is figure out who you are, what you want to be when you grow up, or anything of... Continue Reading →

Where is the love?

Anyone who knows me knows that if I don't know know how to respond to something you've said, I just don't. I really struggle with the responses that I witness sometimes. The worst responses are usually the online comments to a tragedy. I have several examples, so hopefully you will see what I mean. The... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Want to Be Restless

Pandora tends to save my day at work. When I'm feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I turn it on my favorite station, take a minute, and just listen. Today, a Jason Aldean song called "Too Fast" was on. There are moments where a song plays at just the right time and resonates, and today was one... Continue Reading →

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