You are not a rehabilitation center for badly raised men.

You've heard the saying that women aren't rehabilitation centers for badly raised men. I get it. Some women are in situations where they "mother" their significant others or are waiting for them to grow up or change. They feel as if they are still having to raise their partner like they would a child. I... Continue Reading →


The I Word

This might end up as the most raw post I've ever written. There won't be any pretty graphics or editing. I'm actually writing this on my phone. I'm about to really bare myself, my marriage, and my issues to y'all but it's time. Back in 2014, my husband and I moved to GA. We got... Continue Reading →

My Leaves Changed (Again)

Sometimes, Fall can happen in the middle of Spring. Mother Nature isn't the only one with seasons. Sometime around sixteen or so, I started to see my life in terms of seasons. Not necessarily lining up with the seasons of nature, but in the same way that they are inevitable. No matter what I did,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Clip My Wings

When some birds are domesticated, their wings are clipped so they can't fly away. I've never been a fan of this practice and I'm even less of a fan when my own wings are threatened. Where am I going with this? Here's the analogy, kids are like birds. Parents are worried that they're going to... Continue Reading →

Speak Up

When I was a freshmen in high school, I ended up surrounded by a group of 5 girls who didn't like me because I was new and must have said something that upset them. They caught me outside the gym where I had tried out for the cheerleading team. I was waiting for my mom... Continue Reading →

It’s Not About You

3 years ago, I called off my traditional, large wedding. We had all the details planned out. I had bought the dress, ordered the cake, sent out invitations, etc. I had checked each item off of a pretty little checklist and felt numb. If we're being honest, it felt like I was watching a movie... Continue Reading →


There's been a lot of talk on social media this week since the players in the NFL decided to kneel for the anthem to make a statement. I'm not really here to get political with you. There's been enough of that. What I am here to say is that you can care about more than... Continue Reading →

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