My Leaves Changed (Again)

Sometimes, Fall can happen in the middle of Spring. Mother Nature isn't the only one with seasons. Sometime around sixteen or so, I started to see my life in terms of seasons. Not necessarily lining up with the seasons of nature, but in the same way that they are inevitable. No matter what I did,... Continue Reading →


Marriage Isn’t 50/50

As of December, my husband and I will have been married for 3 years, so in honor of that, I'm going to share 3 lessons I've learned with you that are vital to my marriage. I heard more advice in the beginning than I can even remember ranging from "DON'T DO IT" to "divorce isn't... Continue Reading →

Why I Didn’t Wear White

I planned a traditional wedding for over a year. I had the venue, the cake, the dress, and the food all settled. Somewhere along the line though, the traditional wedding became more about the people who were helping me plan it and less about my now husband or myself. The dress I had picked out... Continue Reading →

Common Threads

Have you ever noticed a common thread throughout your life? I'm not talking about bad luck or anything negative. I'm talking about when shit hits the fan, what's your first response? Mine has always been prayer. Even before I understood God and faith, I instantly started praying. One time, I was about 12 maybe, I... Continue Reading →

What’s your story?

I've wanted to keep up with a blog since I was 13, but what do you even write about at 13? How the boy that sits next to you doesn't like you even though he let you borrow his copy of Looking For Alaska? That was actually junior year but still. I probably tried a... Continue Reading →

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