When You Know Better, Do Better

So, sometime around the middle of 2017, my husband and I decided to go on a weight loss journey together. With that, we promised that we would be completely transparent about this journey as we tackled it, and this is a check in along my path.

I’m not anywhere near where I wanted to be at the end of 2017 honestly. There’s at least a handful of excuses I could give, and they’re all valid but they’re still excuses. The truth is that, at least for me, when I started this weight loss journey, I didn’t know anything about it. This created a steep learning curve for me to climb, and because of that I fell off the wagon sometimes. Now that I’m ending this year though, I can see how much I needed this time to learn and truly understand (from endless hours of research) how to go about changing my life.

That’s another thing. I call it a weight loss journey because it is, but even more so it’s a gigantic lifestyle change. We went from eating out with friends or family 3-4 times a week to our goal which is only eating out for birthdays or celebrations. I know that many people can find meals they can eat out while maintaining their weight loss goals, but my experience is that most restaurants have larger portion sizes and more calories than the same food I can make at home. It’s also not easy to ignore that basket of bread and butter sitting in the center of the table or halfway in your sister’s mouth. We’ve struggled with the eating out goal the most I would say, as it’s just not so easy to say no when invited out all the time.

The next big change we made was what we were eating at home. This is where my emotional eating self starts crying in the corner. We made the decision that if something isn’t naturally grown or in it’s natural form, we can’t have it. This means rice, pasta, canned sauces, pretty much anything sold in a box, chips, cookies, soda, and more. The only allowance we’ve kept is our honey wheat bread. It’s a work in progress, but we’re getting there. Our next goal is to switch all of our meats and veggies to organic and/or butcher shop bought.

My next step was to start tracking. This turned into more of a whole body kind of health change. I started tracking everything. I track my menstrual cycle, my food, my heart rate, my sleep, etc. You name it and I’ve probably got at least 4 months of data saved for it. This really helped me start to understand where I went wrong and what caused me to gain weight vs what was water weight or bloating. I also started to understand how some foods, especially the ones I didn’t make myself, caused so many issues.

Like I said, I’m not where I wanted to be but I also didn’t have all of the facts to be able to set realistic goals. Now I know. Now I do better.


I don’t have progress pictures because at the beginning, I didn’t realize that I should probably take some while wearing clothes so I could post them, and I’m not too keen on having my naked body up on the internet. I’ll do better in ’18.

So, here’s the goals for 2018:

  1. Get in the gym 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes to start
  2. Take clothed progress pictures
  3. Keep up with my weight loss instagram (1-3 posts a week)
  4. Blog some of my favorite recipes
  5. Stay accountable

6 thoughts on “When You Know Better, Do Better

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  1. I love this post. I am glad you realised the importance of progress pics. To be honest I hated the idea at the beginning too..just because I jad really lpw confidence. My trainer took some and I let him and it’s great because they really show me a major difference
    This has helped to boost my confidence!!!


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