Goal Digger

It’s almost that time of year where the gym gets crowded and the veggies start flying off of the shelf at the grocery store. It might be easy to get frustrated that it’s harder to find a parking spot or get your beloved spaghetti squash. However, I urge you to be patient with these people. Inevitably, some of them will fall off the wagon, but everyone has to start somewhere. New Year’s resolutions can be annoying to some of us that choose to make these changes year round or have been doing the healthier lifestyle for much longer than the New Year, but you never know what kind of push someone needs to be a better version of themselves. So, don’t judge the new comers who don’t know how to operate the stair stepper or the person who can’t figure out the difference between summer and winter squash.

Alright, PSA aside, let’s get down to business. I make and tackle goals and changes all year round. It’s part of my daily routine. This week, I’m getting up 30 minutes earlier each morning to make that a habit. I’m also consistently fighting the urge to eat fast food and to only eat food that I’ve made (processed foods are no good for me). To do this, I make lists and check them twice. With 2017 coming to an end quickly, it’s time for me to figure out my first steps in 2018. What do I want to focus on? What areas do I need the most improvement? How am I going to hold myself accountable?

To answer the latter, I’m going to tell all of you fine people my goals and then you can be like “hey B, remember that post where you said you were going to eat your spinach 3 times a week? get on that.” Just kidding. I married my own personal accountability partner, so I’m all set there. He’s actually really great at keeping me on track and not letting me fall too far of the tracks when I sit down with a bag of chips in front of the football game.

So here it goes. 2018, I’m coming for ya.

  1. Eat outside of the house less than twice a month
  2. Lose 80 lbs
  3. Eliminate processed foods
  4. Buy a Kitchen Aid mixer
  5. Learn how to water color paint
  6. Grow my side hustle
  7. Blog a few recipes
  8. Write 1-2 blog posts a week
  9. Grow as a wife
  10. Build my new friendships

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