#unpopularopinion Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

I’m somewhat active on Twitter and follow several women that I look up to. However, twitter is a little dramatic from time to time. Recently, I’ve seen a ton of “threads” (a long line of tweets about the same subject) about Unpopular Opinion. By definition an unpopular opinion is an opinion that you feel is opposite of what society or most people would think on the subject. For example, a common one is that avocados are gross. This is “unpopular” because a lot of people rave about them.

Now that I’ve explained our base, here’s the thing. You’re obviously entitled to share whatever you want on social media, but don’t let that get ya. You still have obligations to be a decent person. Part of being a decent person is understanding that people all have different paths in life. This is really important to grasp as you grow up because you’re going to meet people in your workplace, dating, friend groups, schools, etc that grew up differently from you, are currently living differently from you, or have different plans for their future than you do. The sooner you accept that, the better off you’re gonna be.

So, back to twitter and these unpopular opinions. For whatever reason, these threads tend to turn into a judgement session where girls like to say “#unpopularopinion you should never get married before 25” or “#unpopularopinion I can’t stand it when people announce their pregnancies too early” or my personal favorite “#unpopularopinion your marriage doesn’t count if the ring isn’t a real diamond.” My first and most important question is WHY do you care so much? None of these things have any bearing or effect on your life when someone else does them, so caring doesn’t make any sense. I appreciate you maybe not wanting these things for yourself, but judging others for them is unnecessarily harsh.

This may seem trivial because it’s twitter and social media, but this has real life value. As we go through our days and our lives, we silently and sometimes not so silently judge others for their decisions, but we can’t keep doing that. It’s vital that we understand that what may have been the right or wrong decision in our lives can’t be the same for that person. No two people ever stand in the exact same spot at the exact same time, literally and figuratively. I would go so far as to say this is one of the main issues with parenting. You obviously want the best for your child and think your’e doing so by imparting your wisdom on them, but the problem with that is that your child may live a completely different life than you did. They may be in similar scenarios and you may even feel like it’s exactly the same, but it never is. No two situations can be the same.

Moral of the story? Unpopular opinions are usually sneaky ways to be judgmental, and we need to start recognizing that what people do with their lives is their choice. We’re all responsible for only one person’s happiness: our own. So focus on finding your’s.


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