I Don’t Want to Be Restless

Pandora tends to save my day at work. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I turn it on my favorite station, take a minute, and just listen. Today, a Jason Aldean song called “Too Fast” was on. There are moments where a song plays at just the right time and resonates, and today was one of those moments.

I had to quit what I was doing to listen and then needed to go ahead and write about it before I lost the thoughts. If you’ve never heard the song, you should go listen. However, this post isn’t really about the song itself, just one of the lines.

I don’t want to be restless. 

I don’t want to be so busy that I watch my life go by. I don’t want to miss these moments trying to get to the next one. I don’t want to miss enjoying my marriage because I’m just passing the time until the next big life move comes. I don’t want to take our 2 bedroom apartment for granted. Most importantly, I don’t want to be restless in my faith. It’s so easy to just become complacent once you know you believe in God and you’re secure in your faith.

It’s much harder to be active and push your faith. So, before I wrote this I thought of a few things I want to do to be better and avoid restlessness. I’m committing to trying each of these things at least once or twice in the next week, and you should too.


  • Go on a walk or run and just talk. To yourself, to God, in your head, pray, etc. There are few times in my day when I can focus on just me. I don’t have time to do nothing, so going for a walk/run is not only going to improve my health, it’s going to provide me with that precious time.

  • Journal. I own at least 5 blank journals. I’ve bought most of them with the intentions to write down my dreams, to carry around so I don’t lose ideas, etc. I also have wanted to start bible journaling for a long time but just haven’t. I think I’m going to start with writing my dreams this week.

  • Do something for you. My thing is to go walk around Target by myself and wander. This is one of those weird things that just makes me feel better. Getting a mani/pedi is another one of these things for me. Whatever it is, do it.

  • Spend some time outside. We have a small park near our house that I love. It has a creek, and our dog really loves going there and seeing all the people. I tend to believe I’m too busy to go, but it’s time to change that idea.


It doesn’t seem like a lot, but these things can change your whole week. We all live really busy lives, but they aren’t so busy that we can’t make time for a few of these things. I’ll be doing each of these at least once this week. What are the things you’re going to do for yourself?



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