Handling the Seasons of my Life

The first life lesson I learned was that change is inevitable. I learned it when I was 13 and my family moved from Georgia to Tennessee. It was the first big move that we really made and they kept coming after that. I didn’t have too many issues with moving around as much as we did because I didn’t connect with people all that quickly back then. I never latched on to any friends or a boy after that move until my senior year of high school when I met my best friend.

To me, life kind of feels like the tides. High tide is scary and stressful but when it washes away, everything is new again. That’s what moving has always done for me, and now that my husband and I are striving to be more settled, our hard times do that too. We are just emerging now from a really high tide that we didn’t see coming and life feels new and fresh and full of possibilities again. Maybe it’s the actual seasons changing but I feel like my seasons are changing too.

I’m entering in to my last semester of my AA degree. I graduate in December and then transfer to another University to pursue my BA. My husband and I have both just made big job changes, which caused us to make some money changes also. We’re in a better place than we’ve probably been in a year and it’s because we cut out so many unnecessary pieces of our lives. We reduced our spending and increased the time we’re spending together. I think I’m going to like this season.


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